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5G – supporting the transformation of European mobility

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5G will be more than the next mobile network evolution, it is set to be a real game changer for citizens and industry alike, addressing societal challenges and meeting the connectivity needs of new innovative services and businesses. Compared to previous generations, 5G will provide a significantly improved performance, handling up to a thousand times higher data volume with a similar increase in device density.

Thanks to this improved performance, 5G will be in a position to deliver enhanced mobile broadband services to support the digital transformation of European industry, including the automotive industry. 5G will also support the deployment of IoT with billions of connected devices over the next decade.

5G will be a key element in an industrial revolution across all sectors, leading towards distributed production management, low-energy processes, cooperative robots, and smart manufacturing and logistics. The transport sector, in particular, will become highly automated and provide new mobility business models for the transportation of persons and goods.

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